Ox Cart Tour of Rural Cambodia

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Our Local Guide Mr. Lous is standing in front of the ox cart.

Our Local Guide Mr. Lous is standing in front of the ox cart.

Siem Reap Ride team have created this wonderful Ox Cart Tour to share their experiences with adventurous visitors with a passion to learn more about Cambodia’s rural traditions and culture. Located about 25km from Siem Reap town, this village was a beautiful location to step back in time and get in touch with local traditions. Through the dirt roads I got to see farmers working on their land and meet the locals, who were so friendly and welcoming.

It was such a great host with great knowledge of the area and it’s history was a real highlight for me. Having a friendly host to spend the afternoon with while enjoying the real Cambodia, I would recommend this tour!

Phnom Kulen – Kulen Mountain

Rather than a hill range, Phnom Kulen (Kulen Mountain) is an isolated chain of small mountain plateaux of moderate height lying south of the Dângrêk Mountains. The range stretches for about 40 km in a WNW – ESE direction and is located some 60 km north of Siem Reap. Its highest point is 487 m and its height is quite regular, averaging 400 m all along the range. Geologically Phnom Kulen is formed of sandstone. It was important as a quarry in Angkorian times, the major quarries being located in the southeastern angle of the massif.

Bophay, our company founder’s recent trip to Kulen Mountain to check the quality of Homestay and updates on some routs for trekking.

Bophay at Kulen Mountain

Bophay at Elephant Pond on Kulen Mountain

The Homestay are located in Anlong Thom Village. You can reach the Homestay by car from Siem Reap to Preah Angthom (on Kulen Mountain) and continue the trip by Motodop (Moto taxi) or you can trek  8 Km to the Homestay from the drop off point. There number of things that you can do while you are staying at the Homestay.  There are about ten Homestay in the community and one Homestay can accommodate up to 6 people.

Kulen Homestay

Homestay on Kulen Mountain. Located in Anlong Thom Village.

A lady is collecting black beans. Black bean is one kind of beans that local people on Kulen like to grow as it is easy to grow and doesn’t required much work. Normally villagers grow black bean in June  and they harvest in December.

Lady Collect Black Beans

A Lady is collecting black beans

Siem Reap Ride is offering Trekking tour with Homestay on Kulen Mountain. Two days one night tour. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us at: info@siemreapride.com

Quad Adventure with Homestay – 2 days 1 night


Day 1:
After breakfast at 7:30 am Remork (Tuk Tuk) will pick you up and drive to the Cambodia Quad Bike office. After a safety briefing and familiarization ride you will head out accompanied by our professional guides on the quad bikes.

The ride will take you to a local village about 25 kilometers outside Siem Reap. You will stop at the Community Support Association (CSA) Community Center, a local non-profit association providing educational support to children in the village. Our local guide will briefly introduce you to our project and then you will ride to the starting point of ox cart ride where out local guide will escort you the whole tour. Hop aboard the ox cart for a fun ride through the fields and to the home of a Khmer family who specializes in making brooms.  Watch how they make brooms from natural materials, and if you like have a go!  Then take a guided walking tour around the village where you have the opportunity to participate in fishing, farming or animal husbandry activities, depending on the time of year.  Enjoy a simple Khmer lunch with a local Family.

After lunch you will ride to the remote temple called Banteay Ampil where you will spend a few hours exploring this temple area, or simply relax under the shade to really soak in the atmosphere of this unique temple.

Tonight you will stay in the modest home of a Khmer family. You will be provided with a mattress, mosquito net, sheets, pillow and a towel. There are basic bathroom facilities with a bucket for bathing with fresh well water.  Our local English class is not far from the Homestay, so if you interested in joining in with the class you will be made very welcome. The classes are from 4pm to 6pm from Monday to Friday. Join the family for dinner and a chat.

Day 2:
Today after breakfast, you will ride from the village to another village called Trav Kod where you will enjoy your lunch in a small straw house by the bank of a lake. After lunch you swim in the lake, or just relax. Head back into Siem Reap when you are ready. Your tour finishes at Cambodia Quad Bike office. Take a refreshing drink, and we will transfer you back to your hotel/guesthouse.

Trav Kod

Trav Kod Eco Tour

Special Note:
In dry season you can ride your quad bike right to the temple but in rainy season the quad bike can only reach certain point and then you will need to hop on the Khmer Tractor to see the temple. March to May you can ride your quad right to the temple.

Our minimal age limit for solo riders is 18 years old. Kids and teenagers younger than 18 will ride as passengers either with their parents/guardians or with one of our guides.

For more information contact us at: info@siemreapride.com | +855 (0) 17 890 352

Cycling and Remote Temple Tour – Full Day


At 7:30 am we will pick you up from your hotel/guest house drive to a small village, about 25 kilometers outside of Siem Reap. You will stop at the Community Support Association (CSA) Community Center, a local non-profit association that provides educational support to children in the village. Our local guide will briefly introduce you to our project and the cycling tour will start from there. You’ll cycle past rice paddies, palm trees, ox-drawn carts and perhaps the odd ruin. A visit to a local family can also be included, which adds a unique personal touch to the whole excursion. The roads around Siem Reap are mostly flat, but some of the quieter roads can be bumpy. The approx. distance travelled on the cycling tour is 8 km.

After cycling you’ll stop just outside the village and hop aboard a Khmer tractor for a fun ride through the fields and to the remote temple called Banteay Ampil. You can relax and enjoy your packed lunch in the temple area.  After lunch take your time to explore this beautiful and unique temple area, taking pictures or relax under the shade. After you finish your temple exploration you will be transferred back to the CSA Community Center where you will re-board your Remork (Tuk Tuk) and head back to Siem Reap. Arrival at Siem Reap about 5 pm.

Wanting to know more please do not hesitate to contact us at: info@siemreapride.com

Kompong Phluk – Floating Village

Kompong Phluk - Floating Village

Kompong Phluk – Floating Village

Kompong Phluk is about 20 Km locates on the Southeast of Siem Reap Town. Two ways are accessible to Kompong Phluk, a charter boat ride from Chong Kneas takes one and a half hour and the other by overland just one hour by car, upon arrival at dock meet a boatman drives a long a small stream to the village. In dry period we can drive motorbike or car all the way to the village because the road is clear.

Over 3000 inhabitants are real Khmers, their households made of wood and bamboo built on stilts of about 6m to 7m high. During dry season when the lake is low and lack of water those buildings look like the skyscrapers. At this time of the year many of villagers move out onto the lake and build a provisional stilted houses. In wet season while the water level rises up again, the dwellers move back to their permanent houses on the flood plain, the stilts now hidden under the water. People made a living by catching fishes produce as well as smelly fish paste, fermented fish, smoked fish, dried fish, dried prawn etc.

Upon arrival this village we will explore the above activities and we can have a chat with children at private English class, then stop at Buddhist Island to see Buddha paintings. The last fascinating spot, we take a mini boat row to see flooded mangrove forest surrounds the area and it is home to a variety of wildlife including crabs, snakes, rats etc.

The best time to visit floating village in Cambodia is from October to February. There are five floating villages you can visit, Kompong Klang, Kompong Phluk, Chung Kneas, Mechrey and Prek Toal. Preak Toal floating village the best time to visit is January to February and it is also the best time for bird watching lovers.

Siem Reap Ride is currently offering tours and Homestay in those villages, Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.